2013 Conference Speakers

Alves, Artur Matos (Universidade Atlantica and CECL)

Content Filtering, Memory and Community Isolation in Cyberspace

Beyer, Cornelia (University of Hull)

Anti-Immigrant Global Digital Networks

Gak, Martin (Kosmopolitika.org)

The Migration of Normative Principles and the Digital Construction of  Transnational Ethics

Green, Geff and Lockley, Eleanor (Sheffield Hallam University)

From Bullets to Blogs: How the Karen of Sheffield had their New ‘Weapons’ Turned Against Them

Karaushsheva, Slavka (Sofia University)

Identity Online: How Bulgarian Muslims Declare Identities Through Digital Media

McManus, John (Oxford University)

Fighting Football Fans and Technology Use in the Turkish Diaspora

Nencioni, Giacomo (Università degli studi di Roma Tre)

YouTube and the Early Cinema Aesthetics: Is there a Digital Public Sphere?

Nguyen, Dennis (University of Hull)

Transnational Publicity and Online Media: Chances and Challenges

Serafinelli, Elisa (University of Hull)

Italian Migrants and Photosharing in the UK

Routh, Patricia (University of Hull)

New Aesthetic Nostalgia within Mobile Social Photography as a Bridge to the Present

Johnson, Mark &  McCahill, Mike (University of Hull)

Rethinking the crossroads of surveillance, migration and gender

 Mandujano, Joel Pedraza (Colegio de la Frontera Norte, COLEF)

Social Networks and Communicative Meaning: Mexican Migration to the US

Roundtable to kick off discussion (all University of Hull)

Drake, Michael S. (Sociology),

Monaghan, Liz (EU – Politics),

Orton, Bev (Gender Studies),

Vogiatzis, Nikolaos  (EU- Law)

Wilkinson, Mick (Migration and Human trafficking) 

Yar, Majid  (Sociology – Cybercime) 

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